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     Stigler is a charming community in beautiful southeastern Oklahoma and is the county seat of Haskell County. The opportunities offered in the area would not be possible without the exceptional partnership of the City of Stigler and Stigler-Haskell County Chamber of Commerce. This special partnership between the city and the chamber is evident on this website. Thank you for visiting the website and taking time to learn more about Stigler

What our city offers

* Competitive sales/use tax rates: State - 4.5 percent,

Haskell County - 2 percent, Stigler - 3.5 percent.

* Global commercial shipping on the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System.

* Local job training.

* Six institutions of higher education in the region.

* Recreation - parks with walking trails, a pavilion, playground equipment; and sports opportunities, including two sports complexes.

* Four lakes, which offer a variety of recreational opportunities.

* Stigler Municipal Airport, Fort Smith Regional Airport and Tulsa International Airport serving the region.

* Two city-owned industrial parks.

* Available workforce and adjacent to the Fort Smith, OK-AR Metropolitan Statistical Area with an additional 280,000.

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City Hall is open to the public

Officials will continue to monitor situations regarding COVID-19. Residents are encouraged
to continue to follow health guidelines. 
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The Choctaw Nation has had a tremendous impact on Stigler.

Click the link below to the United for Oklahoma website, which includes comments from Stigler City Manager Bobby Mouser about that impact. (Stories - Stigler Sports Complex, and Video - Community Partnerships.)
League play and tournaments underway in Stigler! Click on the button on the right for schedules.

City Planning Skatepark !

A message from Bobby Mouser, Stigler’s city manager:


“Tournaments are underway in Stigler for this year’s baseball/softball league. We have 69 teams from 19 communities playing in the league, and 42 of the teams are from communities other than Stigler.  

There are 768 players and 239 coaches in the league. Every week 1,007 players and coaches will be playing in Stigler. If only two guests accompany each player, we will see 1,536 guests attending games. However, we believe the actual number of guests will be higher.

We will also have 12 tournaments during the summer.  The tournaments will bring 1,000-3,000 guests per day to Stigler depending on the size of the tournament.

We are very proud of both of our sports complexes. We are continuing to improve them. At the newer complex on the west side of town, we recently built and opened a new building for umpires. The building is air conditioned, and has showers, lockers and a lounge.  We are also building a 40 feet by 100 feet pavilion for our guests during games. The pavilion will be available for use by anyone at no cost when not in use for games. This addition was made possible by a grant from the Jerry Jackson Foundation. Mr. Jackson was the former owner and president of First National Bank of Stigler.  

Our concession offerings are the best in the region. Low prices, quality food and fast service.  We recently added soft serve ice cream served in souvenir helmets.  

The city appreciates the support the Choctaw Nation provided for the new facility. Our fields and facility at the newer complex on the west side of town still look new. The fields and the facility at the original complex on the east side of town look great too. We will continue to focus on improvements at both complexes.

We are pleased that both complexes offer great opportunities for our residents and guests.”

A design has been chosen, and additional details were presented during an online session on Sept. 2.

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 about the skatepark.




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Courtesy of Stigler News-Sentinel
Courtesy of Stigler News-Sentinel

Cruise Night 2020

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